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Counselling for Adults and Teens in Calgary and Alberta

"I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."

Brene Brown

Do you find yourself struggling to quiet your busy, worrying mind? We can help you learn to separate yourself from your thoughts, thus making them less overwhelming, and learn to relax both your body and your mind. We also offer teenage anxiety treatment.

Anxiety Therapy

Do you place pressure on yourself to achieve and do things "perfectly" or alternatively, procrastinate on tasks due to this pressure? Is your self-worth attached to your achievements? We can help you detach your self-worth from your achievements and place less pressure on yourself, all while still setting realistic goals.

Perfectionism Recovery

Do you feel the need for everyone to like you, find yourself hypervigilant to others' moods or put your needs aside to look after everyone else? We can help you learn to put yourself first, while also living by your values in relationships.

People Pleasing and Learning to Honour your Needs

Are you feeling alone grieving the loss of a loved one, with your grief coming in waves that are becoming difficult to cope with? We can walk along side you in your grief journey, finding a way to honour both your feelings and your loved one.

Grief Counselling

Help with Relationship Issues

Are you struggling in your relationship with yourself, family, romantic partner, or friends? We can provide you with a space to process the conflict you are experiencing, provide an alternative perspective if needed, and/or find new ways to cope. We can help you change your relationship with yourself to one of self-compassion and confidence.

Stress Management and Burnout

Are you having difficulty navigating life's stressors in a way that allows you to show up how you want to for yourself and others? We can help find the causes of your stress and guide you in new, effective ways to cope.

Other Areas that we Provide Support with:

Self-Discovery/Values-Based Work, Chronic Pain, Anger Management, Panic Attacks, Disordered Eating, Shame, Parenting Strategies, and more

Female adult attending individual counselling in Calgary and Alberta
Female adult attending individual counselling in Calgary and Alberta