Couples Counselling

"Which is more important, the journey or the destination?"

"The company."

- James Norbury

Strengthen connection and intimacy in your relationship

Bring back the "spark"

Learn to communicate effectively, respectfully, and productively

Learn to talk about the conflicts that come up "again and again" in a way that seems like you're getting somewhere

Heal past emotional wounds that are still lingering in the relationship

We can help...

The Gottman Method Approach to Couples Therapy

Based on four decades of research, the Gottman Method was created to address the common issues that couples face in relationships and how to combat them.

Healthy relationships are essential for our well-being. John and Julie Gottman found that the "masters of relationships" do the following things:

  • Know each other's inner world, share fondness and admiration and turn towards each other's attempts for connection often.

  • Navigate conflict effectively by shifting the focus to trying to understand each other's perspective, compromising, problem solving, and self-soothing when needed.

  • Support each other in their individual life dreams and share values and goals for the future.

Being Level 1 and 2 trained in the Gottman Method for couples therapy, we can help you work on each of these to move towards becoming one of the "masters of relationships." We've got you covered for your Calgary marriage therapy and relationship counselling needs.